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Shadow Play (Wayang)

RM 35 (1 hour)

Art for Bonding: Shadowgraphy & Shadow Play (Wayang) is a an ancient unique form of art using a flat shape figures & hand shadows.


Wayang Kulit for Dummies - Suitable for All Ages!

RM 20 (1 hour)

In this sharing session, you'll get to learn all you need to know about the art of wayang kulit.


SeniKidZ Online: Learn The Art of Wayang in 8 Weeks!

RM 30 (1 hour)

This initiative by Kakiseni is to promote Malaysian traditional performing arts to Gen Z, particularly on the art of Wayang (shadow play). Together with Fairuz Sulaiman, Kakiseni developed a syllabus that ensures a holistic learning experience that includes performance indicators to track your child's creative development.