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Getting Started on Kakiseni Junior as a Service Provider

Be a part of Kakiseni Junior and operate as a creative education program vendor with the Service Provider Account! The Service Provider account enables you to;

  • create and edit classes and class sessions
  • create accounts for teachers and assign them to specific class sessions
  • monitor attendance, class ratings, transactions and settlements from the bookings of your classes.

Here are the things that you should do to get started;
  1. Register as a service provider by clicking on Sign Up As A Service Provider at the Sign Up pop up, or at the footer of the homepage
  2. Right after you sign up, log in as a Service Provider and verify your account. Make sure you click on the latest link to verify your email.
  3. Update your Service Provider details, especially your Bank Details
  4. Create classes
    • Go to Classes > Add New
    • Fill up name of the class
    • Description is a one or two liner about the class for internal use
    • Content is what will be published on your class listing
    • Add a square cover, and add more photos
    • Click Create button
  5. Add teachers for your classes, the teachers will be able to log in to Kakiseni Junior with the email you register their account with. Please use a separate email than the registered Service Provider email. This is the only sign up for teachers.
    • Click Teachers > Add New
    • Under Account, fill up name of teacher, phone number, email address, IC number
    • Fill up their password. You will pass this password for the teachers to log in.
    • Under Profile, fill up Description (one or two liner for internal use)
    • Add tags to your teacher. For example, write on ‘painting’ and click enter
    • Add Content. A 100 word description of the teacher would be perfect.
    • Optional: add their social media details.
    • Click Create.
    • Have the Teacher to log in and verify their email. Make sure they click on the latest email verification link.
  6. Create available class sessions.

    Please note that your classes will not appear in the website class listings only until you have an available class session for that class. Please be mindful with setting the dates and times for your class sessions as that you might not be able to delete a class once a class has a booking until further notice. To add a class session;

    • Click Classes > Click on the eye icon > Click on Sessions > Add New
    • Choose a teacher to run the session. If you haven’t added a teacher, you’ll have to add one first.
    • Choose a class type.
    • Fill dates and time
    • Fill in your class capacity and registered and Price
    • Click Create

    There are three kinds of Class Sessions,

    • Online - You can add the link to your online classes. You’ll need to schedule the class beforehand and fill in the URL of the access to that class.
    • Home - Classes done at the customer’s choice of venue
    • Venue - Classes done at your choice of venue

    It is up to you where your classes are going to be held. If you require classes to be booked a certain number of days before, please update the class sessions accordingly.

    Class Capacity and Registered

    The class capacity is how many students you are able to take in one specific session. The Registered section is how many slots you would like to reserve for existing customers who may directly booked from you.

  7. And you're ready to operate on Kakiseni Junior!
The Service Provider and the Teacher

With the Service Provider account, there is also another account to sign up to with a different email, which is the Teacher account. A Teacher will be assigned to a class under the Service Provider. You’ll still need a Teacher account to assign classes if you’re both (and the only) Service Provider and Teacher.

Uploading Photos

You can upload photos for the Service Provider profile, Teacher profile, and class listing. For the image files, it is preferred that they are 1MB or less, square (1:1) and in .jpg format.

Reminder on Terms and Conditions, and Settlements

This is a reminder to check the Terms and Conditions and this is also a reminder that your payment will only be released on Thursdays, 2 weeks after your booked class session.

We apologize if you are experiencing any inconvenience while you engage with the site, and we appreciate your feedback so it would help more users, feel free to reach out if you have any issues via direct messaging on Facebook Kakiseni or Kakiseni Junior, Instagram @kakiseni, @kakisenijunior or [email protected]. We'll be happy to guide you through or answer any of your questions.

We are truly excited to start this journey with you on Kakiseni Junior!