Umar Aziz

Umar Aziz

Umar Abdul Aziz is a lit major writer, performer, teacher and organizer. He is based in Klang Valley, collaborating and performing spoken word.

Accomplishments are
1) Slam champ at the Straits slam
2) Top 6 in Malaysia's first National Poetry Slam.
3) Works published in two notable publications and teaches Spoken Word online.

He also is working with a group of poets to develop Baloh! A poetry debate format for spoken word poets, a reply to berbalas pantun, running parallels with Balagtasan.

He prefers performing Chaos based spoken word and improvising with musicians, dancers and other Makhluk Seni and is now curating spoken word shows for various causes and organizations.

Through Makhluk Seni, he hopes to share the maker's spirit and to have everyone celebrate each other's art.


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